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Guaya Rotolock Seal

Guaya Rotolock Seal

Technical specifications.

High security price. Level 3.

Transparent or white body in SAM acrylic material.

ABS plastic rotor, with stainless steel guide.

The internal button allows marking with different colors, with numbering, company name or logo and/or barcode.


Stamp with a transparent or white body of 20.3 mm in diameter and a 21 cm long guide (can be requested in any length of guide).

Main benefits

Resistant to water, weather, and light chemicals.
Material that leaves clear marks as evidence of rape.
It does not require any tools for placement.
High security: impossible internal reverse drive without breaking the helical teeth, or removing the rotor without breaking the transparent main body

Main applications

  • Valves
    • Public service meters.

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